This game was created during the 48 hours of the Global Game Jam 2018. In the real world gathering at the HfG in Karlsruhe I teamed up with Joo to build a island / world to solve quests related to the jam’s theme “transmission”.

Transmission to Donkey Island

Transmission to Donkey Island GGJ18

Play Online (HTML5):

Win – Download ZIP:

The game has some Asset Packages (+ Standard Assets) inside which makes the zipped version > 600 MB. I will extract the CS Files we created and put them online. However… If you are interested in the full source – just contact me and I will provide the sources.

Additional information to this game / event on
Post Mortem GGJ18
Solution to the “FBX no color error” we had during the GGJ18
Possible solution for the “Place Objects on the floor” problem we faced during the jam
My schedule / initial planning for the GGJ18 weekend

Most important – The beautifull Low Poly Assets from John_jones12 aka pirkovickiko

Game Jam Menu Template from Unity

Sounds and Music:

Game Music: The Sheepster Published on May 25, 2016

? Copyright-Free | 25 Minutes of Gaming Music ? YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE ALL OF THIS MUSIC!
This is a playlist I've made of Gaming Music, it contains NCS (No Copyright Sounds) music and a couple other good songs. <---
Music Provided By: Mediacharger:
Music Created By : Nicolai Heidlas Music
Song Title: Warm Lights
Credit link:

GGJ18 website:

There was a problem while submitting our game to the GGJ servers. So our game is published, listed and visible on the local game site area but the game image is not visible and I’m not allowed to edit the game anymore. We showed our game at the end of the jam live on stage. It’s a pity that we can’t edit it online anymore.

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