Playing around with Paint3D and Unity

I f*#* hat* MS paint. I never used it for a longer period of time and I always had a bad feeling already at startup. But it’s time to learn some new tricks and MS Paint has evolved, after 20?!? years of standstill.
Today I rediscovered Paint as Paint3D in my Windows 10 Creators Update The first look is promising. The included sample pictures raised my attention since I needed one of the show assets weeks before and I never found a “free” or legal asset alternative.

Since I already updated my machine with the Creators Update of Win10 I just had to start it. (Enter paint in the Searchbox – choose Paint3D App.
Here are some impressions and pictures. Some of the Assets are from the inbuilt 3D Marketplace called “Remix3D”.

Afterwards I imported the so created and updated assets as FBX files and opened it with Unity.
I faces some smaller problems during the import. (Resulting GameObjects had several extra layers) but I guess this is not really a problem. It was possible to manually flatten the structure.

The Paint FBX files are stored:

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The Unity (test) Project is located:
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DE – Paint3D Vorstellung bei Heise:

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