Unity – Upgrade to new Version 2018.2.5f1 solving TextMesh Pro upgrade issues

I had some trouble upgrading my current project to the new Unity Version. Main reason was TextMesh Pro – which is now included in the Unity > 2018.X versions.

It was already included in 2018.1 my former version but …?! I did not face any issues there. The recommended way of upgrading is described here…


However – this step by step guide was not working for me…


I ended up reinstalling the old Unity Version next to the new Version. And I had some “not mentioned” tweaks to get the upgrade to work.
Here my steps in detail. (Info: I made a copy of the whole folder containing my project between each step so I could revert in case I got errors)

START: After upgrading to the new Unity Editor I ended up opening my project with >800 info’s and 32 errors. Scripts attached to TextMesh Pro Gameobjects could not be found etc. etc.

0) Use the backup: Yes – I made a backup! I’m very glad I did one a day before the update 😉 next time I will pay much more attention before a upgrade 😉
So I restored my old version in a folder next to my “project failed upgrade” folder.
1) Open the project with the old editor. I already had overwritten the old editor. Also on my laptop. So I had to restore the old Unity Version. The DL files can be found here… Which Version you used last is described on the Popup you see after opening the old unity project with the new editor.
Get the old Unity Version (again):
2) Open the project in the OLD Unity Version and create a new scene (described in the official TMP upgrade guide…)
2a) Check if your TMP Version has the Menu Items shown in the screenshot on the original upgrade guide. (It was not showing up in my version / setup / environment)
3) Close the project in the OLD unity Editor.
4) I delete the folder containing TextMesh Pro (Assets / Text Mesh Pro) because of the missing Menu options in 2a
5) Open the project in the new Unity Editor
6) Because I deleted the folder (4) I saw the new menu items and could switch back to the normal upgrade guide (It was not possible before the deletion of the folder in 4)

I guess this is