Post LD38 – Windows Splash Screen

I had to repack the Exe Version of our game AaaRrr since it lacked some necessary files n folders.

While doing this, I added a Splash screen to the Windows Configuration Window and faced some problems, as you can see…

I found a nice post in the Unity forum dealing with the config splash and finally I created a nice Splash + a Template for future developments.

Trick in short:
See Comment on the page…

To avoid any distortion, you should better create your picture with size 432 x 163, and put it in the center of an image with size 512 x 256 with color around (splash screen doesn’t display well transparency).

The final Splash:

The final result:
As you see I did not match the background of the Windows window… So still some stuff to improve.


Download link to our Game AaaRrr developed during LD38 LD38_-_AaaRrr_Game_EXE_Version_Zipped (~19 MB)

Template File:

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