Creating nice 3D letters for Unity with Blender

Blender Letters

Creating 3D Letters with Blender

Next week is the Ludum Dare Game Jam and I want to refresh some Blender and 3D skills I never had 😉
(BTW. I discovered Paint3D in my Windows 10 Creators Update today and this also looks very simple and nice) Maybe I will write a short post about paint3D if someone is interested.

Ok – As you see… it’s time for some tests and fooling around… So let’z have some phun… (My old Ludum Dare Nickname and always a good moto)

Important:After several tests I have found a non fixable error in the export routine to Unity. This is not a big problem and I have found a Q&D workaround…
The fist letter from the Blender text is placed “different” compared to the other letters. (Position is the same in Unity – but the transform numbers are different)
I guess this has something to do with the “Origin” of the whole text and the first letter taking over this position. So what is the Workaround?
A – Create a dummy letter on number 1… xMegAgeM for example
B – In my case I reused the last M to fix the coordinates.

Steps to create a 3D Text in Blender, separate the letters and export it into Unity:
(See SourceLink1*)
1. Create Text in Blender

    (See SourceLink2*)
    Extrude: 0.125
    Depth: 0.015 (Edges)
    Resulution: 2

2. Alt + C and Bottom Option (Mesh from Curve…)
3. Tab A – Select the Lines
4. W – and “Remove Doubles”
5. P – and “Loose Parts”
6. Set Origin to Geometry and Click Center on the Bottom then Bounds Center

8. Save the FBX File and add it in Unity in the Assets folder
9. Reformat the GameObjects after adding them to the Hierarchy

I documented all the steps in a Video. This is currently saved on the shared drive:

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The Blender files are stored here:
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The Unity (test) Project is located:
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