DevLog – Publish Game App to GooglePlay

Fix Errors and warnings:
First we have to get rid of the different Build errors.

A new Error / Warning was…

set_forceSDCardPermission is not alloewd to be called from a MonoBehaviour constructor

Google is your friend and so we found the following.

Serialization, MonoBehaviour constructors and Unity 5.4

See “Script Serialization” page in the Unity Manual for further details.

After some digging into the source we found out, that this error is from a third party Unity External Asset (UEA) named Very Simple Share.

		static VSSHARE()
			PlayerSettings.Android.forceSDCardPermission = true; 

Because we already defined the SD Card as the prefered location and this code is only used to “do the developers work” in the Unity Editor, we just commented the code block which fixed the Error.

Build Settings – 2 Versions for ARM and x86:
To minimize the APK file I tried to split the APK in a Version for ARM and one for x86.
Compared to the joined APK the resulting APKs are much smaller.

Joined: 23.371 KB
ARM: 14.868 KB
x86: 15.251 KB

Details to ARM vs x86:

Important if you split ARM and x86:

Build an ARMv7 only package and an x86 only package with different version codes. The versionCode of the x86 package has to be higher than the one of the ARM package.

When publishing, send both of your APKs to the developer console. Note that you need to be in “advanced mode” to distribute multiple APKs.

Details for ARM vs. x86

Resulting in the following steps…

1) build 1 joined APK for this version / release
2) build ARM package
3) increase Version ++
4) build x86 package
*same APK name needed / different APK names… TODO – update this info.

Upload to google Play… (Advanced Developer Console to allow multi APKs)

Steps for DevConsole Management has to be re-written in a new DevLog since today I had to change a lot of settings connected still to the old Pendolino Developer Console.

Manage App in the DevConsole:

ARM Version is still uploading. I have found the “Advanced Console Settings” after the first upload.

It is horrible to upload the APKs with the slow connection I have here. I also failed to create a “multiple” APK.
Next time…

On the site I saw the recommendation to use multiple APKs for filesize > 100mb. So I just uploaded the 1 APK fits all solution.

Argghhhh… Also the Beta Test has not yet started… Still missing some things… TODO – after lunch:

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