Ludum Dare 39 – D360 – Post Mortem

Post Mortem LD39 – Unfinished game “TAP-K.O.”

I published what I have – But the game is far away from being finished or playable. On day three the open issues and the problems with the main gameplay led to the decision to not finish the game during the jam. ;-(

TAP K.O. PostMortem

Unfinished game

I guess the most important reason is one thing I had really in focus for this Ludum Dare. The focus on the Gameplay. I saw a very good video from quilt18creates one night before the Jam. In here I identified some important things for the jam and one focus was the gameplay. On day1 I was sure, that I had a very good idea and an already working draft for the gameplay. I wanted to reuse the knowledge and some assets from a former project. And then I did what I identified as my biggest mistake… I was sure I can fix this in one or two hours. (I tried today for 4 extra hours… but it got worse and worse… I have now a highly customizable and during gameplay reusable bunch of shit which is so abstract and over engineered… Arghh… As you see… I love and hate it 😉
Another big problem which already showed up on day1. The weather was perfect… Not for coding but for summer, party, chill and fun. It was hard to participate on the Game Jam and it was harder to not join my family for the fun part.
Ok… Technically… Other reasons:
I already mentioned that the “prepared asset” took a lot more time than expected. But I also had some other really silly problems. The “OnMouseCLick” did not work. (Raycasting was blocked by another function) Fixing this bug was “time expensive”.
Focus on the “nice stuff and good ideas” (Which never made it in the final version) To be honest I still regret, that I could not show my wonderful ideas… But yes… It is not worth a penny since the whole thing failed.
Lessons learned…
A lot…
Prepare your technical tools, mentally prepare yourself for the jam (do not participate in summer!!!), repeat the most important things…
GameManager!, SoundManager, Spawner, Lists (of Classes / GameObjects) Delegate Functions…
GameIntro, GameMenu, ColorManager!!!
There is no time for learning this during the event… I re-coded the Spawner I already had…!!! Because I did not remember, what I did month before… I came across the same problems like I had in the first coding session… And I found the same solutions… This took hours…!!!
Ok… I guess I have to calm down now… and repeat some other “lessons learned” in a few hours or days… 😉
See you next time (In winter) 😉

Prepare for LDjam Site…
Your Login and Password… 😉 (Checkmark “remember me” early)
Resolutions for the Cover Image: See old game Images. (Todo add Local Link)
Recommended Size: 640×512 (i.e. 5:4 aspect ratio). Other sizes will be scaled and cropped to fit. Animated GIFs will not work here.

Ratio for Screenshots: (5:4)
ALWAYS save your text somewhere (Notepad). I guess I postet my “game description 4 times”. (3 times without success)
Learn the Markup language or create a template upfront the jam.

Only one Featured image is needed… Recycle an old one since the posts during jam get new images from the dev work.

Partners for a team?
Mario not available? I guess it’s better with a teammate.

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