Ludum Dare 37 – D241-Facing the facts

Ludum Dare 37 theme “One Room”.

Facing the facts…
I will not finish a minimum playable game in the next 28 hours.

I will start with finishing the key / move actions for the player and then I will fokus on the “spring” mechanism for the trap.
This is my minimum goal. Depending on this I will check if or if not I will skip the contest.

Minimum goal reached… “Spring” implemented and I will skip the rest of the jam now ;-( Tomorrow a Post Mortem. TlDr: 100% Ludum Dare or No Ludum Dare.


If human or robot steps on the “Question Mark”…

Then sometimes this field was a spring and the GameObject will be catapult(ed?) out of the room.

Fix it…

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