Submitted V1.0 of BabySleepSweet for FireTV

The APK and the Assets for the Amazon Appstore had been submitted minutes ago. The App will now be checked by Amazon.

Assets creation for the store was documented in a separate post and finalized / updated after the results from Amazon.

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ChangeLog / Version History:

BabySleepSweet Version 1.0.2 Build 170402_2100
– Fix “App Exit” on BackButton
– Description on how to change the Playlists (User can modify via YouTube),
– Added more Videos to the Playlists
BabySleepSweet Version 1.0.1 Build 170402_2057
– QR Codes (For Info and User Customization)
– more languages (Translation)
– more Playlists (YT Channel Structure)
– new Structure for Menu
– User can edit / modify Playlist (Via QR codes)
– User Playlist (New Category)
BabySleepSweet Version 1.0.1 Build 170322_1204
– Minor fixes, Backend System WWW started
BabySleepSweet Version 1.0.1 Build 170322_1001
– DemoVideos V1.0, WWW Info
BabySleepSweet Version 1.0.0 Build 170315_1032
– Initial Release

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