LD38 – Final results and Post Jam Infos

Finally the results from the game voting is now visible on our game page.
I’m quite happy because…
– it took so long to get them and I’m glad I received them now 😉
– they are fine from my point of view (And I guess someone has killed our statistics because we have 27 reviews and one gave 0 points in all sections)
– It’s the first Ludum Dare with results for me.

Even more important are the comments we got. I guess they will help us to improve and set new focus on the next game jam.

All the results can be found here…

In category “Theme” we reached place number 38
In category “Humor” we reached place number 49

I guess we had to less votes / reviews to get higher ranks. (Note for me… Next time – comment and review more games
We participated in the Jam – Maybe next time in Compo?)
Ok – its a good result 😉 at least if I compare it to more than 2900 games in the competition. I have not looked up the other categories since we got average ratings.

Article about the Ludum Dare.
I wrote an article for the Heise C’t magazine. Title “15 years of Ludum Dare…” But due to the chaotic Jam organisation and the postponed dates + now holidays on Heise side I’m not sure if this will make it in the magazine or on the website. (BTW. I asked Heise red. if they create an article and then I was asked to write something because they are interested in some insides…)

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