Ludum Dare 37 – D118-OMG soooo late

OMG my “family” appointment took 6 extra hours. (We planned a kitchen for our new flat @Ikea)
I planned 7 hours, but the original appointment was flipped and arghhh…

However, I had already found some time think about the Ludum Dare 37 theme “One Room”.

1. VR – Room is getting smaller and smaller
2. VR – Room is getting smaller/larger depending on solved “minigames”
3. VR – Escape game
4. SokoBan clone inside a “room” and solve quests?
5. Continue my Robot Game from the first Ludum Dare?
6. German WeltRAUM is also one Room
7. While packing the car… Tetris style… fill the carboot? (Kofferraum?)

Pros and Cons
1. Claustrophobia… Not a real “gameplay”
2. What is the “max” is this a good idea? Still the claustrophobia problem.
3. Jeah… Escape game… I never did this in “real” so I do not really know what to expect.
4. So this is only one level… (In one room)
5. Yes… But where is the source? And is the source worth “reuse”?
6. Not funny for non German people
7. I did this in real today and this is not a “game” / not funny enough

I will continue my brainstorm with some “Unity tests”…

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