Ludum Dare 38 – D357 – AaaRrr PostGameDev polishing some advertising relevant Assets

Yesterday evening we decided, that the main game play is good enough to be published in the Ludum Dare 38 Gamejam. (We had also been inside the timeframe for the Compo btw.)
I will recreate some blogposts from screenshots I created during the last days of the competition. Later on… But for now, I want to show the new advertising AnimGif I created. (This has to be submitted to the “Game” entry on the LudumDare Website somewhere…

So here it is…

AaaRrr Animated Gif



Pirate Art (Pirate Comic Styled Logo) was copied / inspired by:×521.gif
Anthony Summey

Original Image was traced with Inkscape and modified.

none… now…

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