Ludum Dare 37 – D120-Checks and Demos V1

Ludum Dare 37 theme “One Room”.

I created and played with my room to get a better feeling and understanding of the “room” aspects.

Instead of a plane as a ground I have to take a cube and replace it, since the plane “collider” sometimes is hard to use (does not trigger). (Green is the new floor)

The first setup of the room – but I get some problems looking “into” the room with the cam.

However… I also had some VR ideas… So how to change the size of the room?
First I played around with moving all sides, moving 2 pair of sides and I think finally the best idea is to put the room walls on a gameobject and scale the whole go down. (Or increase it in case the room should increase size)

Ideas Round2:
1. VR – Room is getting smaller or larger
2. VR – Room is getting smaller/larger depending on solved “minigames”
3. VR – Escape game
4. SokoBan clone inside a “room” and solve quests?
5. Continue my Robot Game from the first Ludum Dare?
6. German WeltRAUM is also one Room
7. While packing the car… Tetris style… fill the carboot? (Kofferraum?)

I will continue my brainstorm and planning with some more advanced “Unity tests”…

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