DevLog – Favicons and Icons for WordPress (Templates) and plain HTML

Favicons are the nice little images you see in Chrome and other Browsers if you view the bookmarks. Some browsers also show the images on the tabs directly after the first visit of the site. If you place a Shortcut / Bookmark on your Androids home screen, this is also shown with the icon known as Favicon, last but not least it is also the image shown on the “preview” in other WordPress installations if they link back to your WordPress blog.

A bunch of possibilities and also a bunch of work, to create good looking Favicons.
A very helpful tool to create the different image sizes from one or more source image and to get a “preview” on how this will look on different devices is…

I created my source images in Inkscape (1000 x 1000 px = Square)
Do not try to put text on the Favicon 😉 You really can’t read it!
1000×1000 px was used since the requested WordPress Favicon is 512 x 512 px.

The WordPress Favicon was uploaded in the themes basic configuration / customization area. Afterwards I uploaded the images created by to the root of my WP installation. The custom CSS part was added in my themes “include CSS” field.

A bit to colorful right now – but ok for the moment.

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