Post LD38 – Twitch Review of our LD38 game AaaRrr from TogisLp

Twitch Review of AaaRrr by TogisLp

TogisLp Reviewing our LD38 Game AaaRrr

TLDR; Review / LetsPlay of our Game by TogisLp on Twitch

Last night, while browsing the Ludum Dare website, I saw a post from TogisLP who reviewed / played Ludum Dare Games. It was already late in the night, but I added our game to the review queue and… While watching the queue getting smaller, I saw the need for a EXE Version which I uploaded in a hurry and… This was a mistake 😉 Now the EXE is zipped and fixed… Sorry for the first draft.

After the problems with our EXE file and some trouble with the recording software, we finally got reviewed.
Thanks again for all your comments.

Start of the Review:

Live-Video von TogisLp auf anzeigen

The whole Twitch Review:

Updated EXE Version:
Download link to our Game AaaRrr developed during LD38 LD38_-_AaaRrr_Game_EXE_Version_Zipped (~19 MB)

Infos about the new Version (Splash, Zip):

Post LD38 – Windows Splash Screen

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