LD40 – BRAINSTORM on the themes and TODO part2 – [EN] D002

The following Themes can be voted for in the last round of the voting:
In Brackets my ideas so far… As last time… I will check the final vote directly when I wake up – then drink a coffee and prepare breakfast while rethinking my ideas…

  • Floating islands (AaaRrr Style Islands – with different Gameplay and single player?)
  • The more you have, the worse it is (Collecting stuff… Fail if to much? Something like Jenga?)
  • A single resource (Puhhh… Dune2 reloaded?)
  • Limited space (I hate small areas … What to do in this case? A room which gets smaller and smaller? A platform which is getting smaller and smaller? Downvoted this Theme)
  • Expanding (Same as Limited space… But this time reversed… Null vote from my side…)
  • You are not the main character (Hit the main character to guide him through … ?! Whatever…)
  • Tiny machines (Blue Ball machine like Levels? Maybe with additive scenes so they can be endless?)
  • Only three colors (Like it and hate it… On one hand it’s very open – on the other hand… What can you design with 3 colors?)
  • Broken world (AaaRrr style game? Or really a broken earth? Something to reuse at the AppArtAward?)
  • Start with nothing (…and collect… NICE)
  • You control the scenario, not the character (See “not the main character”)
  • One level, but constantly changing (Hmmm… Maybe the blue ball machine again?)
  • Death is useful (Sure… Hate it… But on the other hand – Game can start with “rebirth?” Hmmm… Maybe funny games like lemmings? Fill up holes with bodies like Limbo?)
  • One minute (Nice – Flappy Birds Style fast game)
  • Into the unknown (Hmmm… Dislike – but also open… )
  • Everything is connected (No idea… Connected… Hmmm maybe fly around planets – connected by cables 😉 ohhh please not this theme)

Inklusive LD40 image mit angepassten Farben 😉

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