LD41 – NoNoNo – I promised not to participate!

During the last LD Jam in summer I promised myself to never do a Game Jam if the temperatures are above 25° / 77 Fahrenheit. It’s April but in my hometown Karlsruhe we skipped springtime and already celebrate the “summer temperatures” for the whole week.
And yes… I remembered my promise during the last days. But today (after a nice and sunny day with my sun and wife at the local zoo) … I was weak, checked the Ludum Dare theme (which is “Combine 2 Incompatible Genres” and wasted 2,5 hours on locating, checking, upgrading and recycling some ideas from LD40… For a “quick & dirty” last minute entry on LD41.
What should I say… I skipped to skip the skipped event. I will enjoy my evening with some sports, nice food and some Netflix movies. That’s better… Let’s get back to coding next Monday. And… It’s feeling different, if games are finally your day business.

I was thinking on “re” creating the Theme-Tris Theme generator part + some “Combine 2” “magic ideas”, until I found out someone else has already created a much funnier version already (during LD41)

PS2: I have to look over this post… And I saw, that a lot of the old LD Posts miss some information!